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Create professional-looking presentations in minutes, without any design skills required. Simply upload your data or provide a topic, and we will automatically generate slides that are tailored to your audience.

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Don't spend hours creating presentations

Turn data into slides or use AI to create slides on a particular topic in minutes.

Turn data into slides

Turn each row in a excel spreadsheet into a slide with your own branding

Create professional-looking slides

Generates slides that are visually appealing and informative, so you can be confident that your presentation will look its best.

Customize your slides

You can customize the slides generated by our app to match your branding and style.

Generate slides on any topic

Whether you're giving a sales pitch, presenting at a conference, or teaching a class, we can help you create slides that are informative, engaging, and visually appealing.

Save time

Save you hours of time by automating the process of creating slides from your data or generating slides on a particular topic.

Easy to use

Simply upload your data or provide a brief description of your topic, and our app will do the rest.